“Cyber Sprite” game information

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MOE(萌え) humanlized programming language + Traditional 2D shooting game

Player controls “Cyber Sprites”, which are humanized programming languages, to do missions such as searching, processing data, and correcting error with their Masters.
In this game there are 3(+α) programming languages: Basic, Tcl, and Lua. Their appearance and personality are based on characteristic of languages.

Despite this story setting, the game play is like regular STGs: Dodge enemy attacks, beat enemys, and defeat the boss to clear the stage. No programming knowledge is needed.
The style is based on shooting games with terrain in 1980 and 1990s, unlike terrainless bullet hell common in recent years.

----Promotion Video----

----System Requirements----

This game supports 2 systems: Windows and Linux, and supports 3 languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese.

System (Windows)Windows 7 or newer, 32 or 64 bit
System (Linux)At least Ubuntu 16.04 or distributions at the same period.
Required packages: gtk2.0, OpenAL, libmpg123, zenity
Require 32 bit libraries if the system is 64 bit.
Require Traditional Chinese and Japanese fonts to display these texts.
Free disk space35MB
Graphic processing unitSupport OpenGL 2.0. Device driver install is required.
  Intel 965GM or newer
  nVidia GeForce FX 5xxx or newer
  ATI Radeon 9500+ or newer, all Radeon HD series
Input deviceKeyboard or joystick. Joystick is recommanded

Tested Linux destributions:
  Linux Mint 18.2 64bit (based on Ubuntu 16.04)
  Korora 26 64bit (based on Fedora 26)

----How to Buy----
  1. Buy disk version in doujinji event.
    We mainly appear at events in Taiwan only. Please check homepage or FB for event information.
  2. Download from DLsite. Taiwan Japan English
    These are different regions of DLsite's store. The package contents are the same.


Trial version, can play first 2 stages.
Extract it. Then run cybersprite_trial.exe in Windows, or run cybersprite_trial in Linux.
manual_trial.htm is the manual.

Version 1.00~1.04 are Traditional Chinese only. 1.05 is the first version with English and Japanese.


Click on the name to go to staff's personal pages (pixiv, website, e-mail etc.). May not be English pages.

Planning, program, story : Shark

Character design, illustration: 瑞氏Rayze
UI: Shark春捲Pkcsgamer
Background, tile map: TTX
Player graphic: 瑞氏Rayze, 喫茶ChichaST
Enemy graphic, SFX: Shark

Music : LJYtriodust

SE materials
  TAM Music Factory

Japanese translation : カロ・クレドCaro Cred
English translation : Leo


These pages are Traditional Chinese only. No translations available for now.
Becky (Basic)
Tickle (Tcl)
Lua (Lua)

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